Questa è una traduzione in inglese del testo originale giapponese di "The "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" e "Act on Financial Settlements" per GRANBOARD App in vigore dal 20 ottobre 2014, ed è preparata solo a scopo di riferimento. L'originale giapponese è il documento di governo della Società e questa traduzione inglese non ha alcun valore legale.

Indication based on the "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" and the "Act on Settlement of Funds".

  1. Sales price
    Please refer to the purchase screen in the application.

  2. Time and method of payment
    In accordance with the terms and conditions of the platform provider, credit card company, etc., regarding the payment method selected by the customer.

  3. Time of delivery of the product (time of provision of services)
    GRAN COIN: Immediately after purchase of GRAN COIN.

  4. Special conditions for refund
    Due to the nature of this service, no refunds will be made unless specifically required by law. Please note that once a purchase of GRAN COIN has been made, it is not possible to withdraw or cancel the purchase of individual paid services using GRAN COIN.

  5. Name, address, representative name, telephone number, e-mail address, and contact information for complaints and consultation of the business
    Name: LUXZA Co.Ltd
    Address: 2F Skynoble Kawasaki Yanagimachi, 21-2 Yanagimachi, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 212-0015, Japan
    Representative: Takao Fukushima, Representative Director
    If you have any complaints or inquiries about the contents or services of this application, please use the "Contact Us" section of HELP.
    Please note that we will reply to you by e-mail to confirm your identity. We ask for your understanding.

  6. Money to be borne by the customer other than the selling price (consideration for the service)
    Communication charges for browsing the website, downloading contents, and running applications related to the Service.

  7. Liability for defects in the service contents
    The Company makes no warranty of any kind regarding the completeness, accuracy, or usefulness of the Service. Even in the event that the Company assumes liability, the scope of liability shall be limited to the amount of money received by the Company from the customer in the month in which the damage occurred, and shall be limited to the scope of actual and direct damages incurred by the customer, and the Company shall not be liable for damages arising from special circumstances, lost profits, indirect damages, or other damages, regardless of whether the Company had foreseen such damages. Our company shall not be liable for any damage, loss of profit, indirect damage, or other damage caused by special circumstances, regardless of whether our company foresaw the damage or not. However, this shall not apply in the event of intentional or gross negligence on our part.

  8. Amount of GRAN COIN available for payment, etc.
    There is no upper limit to the amount of GRAN COIN that can be held.

  9. Period of validity and expiration date of GRAN COIN
    There is no set period of validity or expiration date.

  10. Scope of use of GRAN COIN
    Prepaid Payment Instruments may only be used within the Service "GRANBOARD".

  11. Operating environment in which the Service and GRAN COIN can be used
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Supported devices: iOS XX or later
    Android: Android XX or later

  12. Necessary precautions for the use of GRAN COIN
    There are no precautions to be taken.

  13. How to know the unused balance of your GRAN COIN
    You can check the unused balance of your prepaid payment method from the Coin Shop within the GRANBOARD service.

  14. Terms and Conditions for the Use of GRAN COIN
    The GRANBOARD Terms of Service will apply to prepaid payment methods related to this service.