Granboard / gran board 132 lets you play darts at home against people around the world. The 132 is the same size as steel tip board. グランボード132
Granboard / gran board 132 lets you play darts at home against people around the world. The 132 is the same size as steel tip board. グランボード132
Granboard 132 dartboard features LED lights and a touch sensor for player change. Beste dartscheibe mit weicher Spitze


Made to the same size and specifications of a 13.2 inch hard tip dartboard,
the same as European standards.

We are proud to have the 13.2 inch model has joined the GRANBOARD family.
The 13.2 inch size is the standard for soft tip dartboards in Europe. The GRANBOARD 132 was created in response to the demand of European players wanting to join GRANBOARD App, the largest community of online soft tip dart players.

The GRANBOARD 132 was carefully developed for use by dart players all over the world and not just European players. With GRANBOARD, you can connect and compete against others worldwide!
the Granboard 132 is the same size as a traditional bristle dartboard. gleiche Größe wie Dartscheibe mit Stahlspitze
The target size is the exact same as a traditional hard tip bristle dartboard, which is 13.2 inches.
The granboard 132 is slimmer and smaller in comparison to the granboard 3s. Das Granboard 132 ist schlanker und macht weniger Geräusche
In comparison to the GRANBOARD 3s, The GRANBOARD 132 has a thinner doubles and triples section. Specifically, the thinness being 2 bits versus the 5 bits on the GRANBOARD 3s.
The granboard 132 has smaller doubles and triples segments. 
Die Segmente sind von hoher Qualität und haben die gleiche Größe wie ein Pro-Board
The segments of the doubles and triples area are 2 bits, just as European machines. The GRANBOARD 132 also uses the familiar blue and red color combination as European machines.

European map showing the countries that use a 13.2 granboard 132. Das Granboard wird in diesen europäischen Ländern verwendet

The reason why there are so many great European dart players

The standard size of soft tip dartboards used in the North America and Asia are 15.5 inches. However, in Central Europe, specifically the United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden, the 13.2-inch size dartboard is used.
The 15.5-inch board has a 5-bit segment for both double and triple sections, while the 13.2-inch board only has 2 bits. European players practice daily on this type of board and compete in tournaments regularly.
There is also a separate bullseye rule and a larger emphasis on hitting doubles and triples, just like hard tip darts. There is a long tradition of darts and many dart players in Europe, which may be the cause of their strength. In addition, they use a different size board in Europe, which may also contribute to their strength.
The Granboard 132 is the best soft tip dartboard in pro size. 
die granboard 132 ist die ebst soft top dartboard in professioneller größe

Switch and challenge European players with the new GRANBOARD 132

With our GRAN Dart Board Bracket, you can easily rotate between the GRANBOARD 132, GRANBOARD 3s, GRANBOARD dash or bristle hard dartboards. Develop your dart skills by changing board size according to the practice menu or according to your next opponent. Connect to more players and increase your darts friends and community.
Get the GRANBOARD 132 and challenge the strongest European players online!

seamless transition between the granboard 3s and the granboard 132 on the gran board app Verschwendungstraining zwischen den Granboard3s und den 132. Verschiedene Statistiken gesammelt.

Your play data will automatically be managed by the GRANBOARD App

The GRANBOARD 132 can record and manage play data, such as PPD and PPR with our App.
If you are using the GRANBOARD 3s or dash, you can also manage the play data for both 15.5-inch and 13.2-inch sizes separately with our App on one smartphone. Our App automatically determines the size of GRANBOARD being used and automatically switches player cards.

In online battles, you can play against players with different size boards. There will also be a filter function and group lobby function to only select battles with players that have the GRANBOARD 132.
This feature will be available with an upcoming update.
seamless transition between the granboard 3s and the granboard 132 on the gran board app. einfacher Übergang zwischen granboard3s und 132. verschiedene Statistiken aufgezeichnet

The granboard 132 features a sleek and thin bezel as well as blue and red segment colors like european boards. 
schlanke Lünette mit blauen und roten hochwertigen Segmenten

Evolved board design

Keeping our same popular round GRANDBOARD shape, we redesigned the GRANDBOARD 132 with a thinner bezel and kept the same width and spacing of numbers, resulting in a well-proportioned new round shape. In addition, there is a new touch sensor to replace the change button, resulting in an evolved completely flat more beautiful round form.
The segment colors of the GRANBOARD 132 are the same blue and red combination that appear on European machines. This variation makes the GRANBOARD 132 full of European style.

The granboard 132 features a touch sensor instead of a player change button. neuer Berührungssensor anstelle einer Taste

New player change active LED touch sensor.

The GRANBOARD 132 has a new touch sensor instead of a button to player change, contributing to a slimmer and flatter bezel. The touch sensor will also eliminate errors of misguided darts that may have hit the button in the past.
The active LED touch sensor will display a variety of LED actions that associate with progress of game, player change, status of board and others.
Easiy connnect to a usb-c type.
beste Qualität gemacht weiche Dartscheibe

GRANBOARD 132 Pro Features

Professional features and specifications continued on from the GRANBOARD 3s include LED action function and self-maintenance design.
The granboard 132 features vibrant LED lighting
Just as the GRANBOARD 3s, the GRANBOARD 132 is equipped with an LED action function that works fluidly with our App.
The granboard 132 features an outboard sensor
There is an outer board sensor that is equipped with dual sensors. This will ensure a smooth and accurate game.
The granboard 132 has long lasting high quality screw holes
To increase durability, there are metal inners for the screw holes of the GRANBOARD 132. This is to ensure that they will not deteriorate from opening and closing many times.

Maintenance Parts

In addition to segments and sensor sheets, all parts, other than housing can be replaced.
high quality granboard PE dartboard segments
high quality granboard dartboard spider
NumberRing Spider
high quality electronic dartboard sensor sheet
Sensor Sheet
high quality granboard dartboard protection mat
Sensor Protection Mat



W 490mm x H 490mm x D 30mm
Weight 2.5kg
Material Body: ABS resin
Segments: PE
Backboard: MDF wood
Circuit board: FR-4
Feature Bluetooth5.0 Low Energy Technology
LED Action (MicroUSB power supply is required)
Out Sensor
Touch Sensor
Included Contents
USB cable
Install Screws
Instruction manual
Body: White / Segment: Blue & Red
Power Supply Options USB / 5V