Gran Player Coming Soon

The new player account application "Gran Player" will be released soon.

Gran Player is an application for GranBoard users who want to make playing on GranBoard more convenient, have fun with friends and family, and assists to improve your darts skills.

Gran Player offers 5 major services.

  1. Account Service
  2. Friend Service
  3. Data Service
  4. GranPro Service
  5. Customized Services

And more...!

The upcoming application Ver. 1 will start with 1. account service and 2. friend service.

Please stay tuned for future updates.

=====Ver.1 Feature Introduction=====

1: Account Service

Easy registration and different players for different purposes.

With the Gran Player, you can create up to 5 player for 15inch and 13inch respectively in one account. Add players for various purposes and uses, such as for Separeate Bull Only / for doubles / for when drinking / for the opposite hand throw / for children who do not have a smartphone, etc. (*1)

When creating an account from Gran Player, QR scan for account verification is not necessary (*2), so your friends who come to play with your GRANBOARD can immediately create player data and play together with you.

(*1)To use a player added by Gran Player on GranBoard, player switching or QR entry on MY Page of GranBoard application is required.

(*2)QR authentication is required to log in the account created in Gran Player to the GranBoard application and play online.

2: Friend Service

-Gran Player has an extensive friend function

The current status of your friends is displayed on the top of the application, saving you the trouble of checking the online lobby on the GranBoard application each time.

The new, improved interface makes it easy to search for and follow players from all over the world. The app also notifies when other players follow you, so you can instantly follow them back and add them as friends.

-Connect with other GRANBOARD users around the world with the direct message function.

With Gran Player, you can chat with other GranBoard users around the world via direct message. Invite a player of a similar rank to an online match, or send a thank-you DM to a player you had a good match with. You can also use this service to decide in advance what you want to play, such as "I want to practice 01 well today" or "I want to focus on my weakest number in cricket" with your friends.

3: Data Service

-View play data with a single touch.

With Gran Player, you can instantly view play data for each player. Charts and stats for the last 30 games are displayed at a glance, so you can see at a glance how you are performing and how much you have improved.

Future updates will also provide detailed darts analysis data for each game type. Please stay tuned!

===== Roadmap=====

Roadmap image

=====Ver.1.1 Feature Introduction=====
4: GranPro Service

- Linkage with the professional darts machine "GRAN PRO".

GRAN PRO(*3), which is scheduled to be in full-scale operation from March to April, will automatically check in at the store when you visit a store with a GRAN PLAYER. Entry to the machine can be easily done from your hand with GRAN PLAYR.

You can also receive various services such as coupons and event notifications from stores.

Of course, GRANBOARD users can play "GRAN PRO" with their existing accounts.

(*3) Currently only available in Japan.


=====Ver.2.0 Function Introduction=====

5: Data Analysis and Detailed Data Service

-Take your game to the next level with our data analysis service. The key to improve is here.

Gran Player accumulates play data on GranBoard and automatically analyzes the results of your darts play. It will surely help you improve your darts play by providing numerical values of your darts tendencies and strengths/weaknesses from various perspectives.


=====Ver. 3.0 Function Introduction=====

6: Customization Service

Each player will be able to customize game backgrounds, award movies, effect sounds, etc.

February 08, 2023 — 谷秀二