GRANBOARD3s Regarding the Score Registration Error
We have received inquiries from some of GRAN users that Out-Bull, Double, and Triple segment does not register the score properly. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

We prepare the Segment Sponge Kit that can remedy this problem.
For the users who experience this symptom, we would like to provide this kit at no cost. Please fill out the form and send the request to us from the following link.
Request from Here

< Segment Sponge Kit Included Contents >
- Out-bull segment x1
- Out-bull sponge x1
- Double sponge x 20
- Triple sponge x20

Once you received the kit, please replace each sponge and out-bull segment.
Replacement can be done in a simple process. We made a video so you can see you replaced them properly, please refer to the video as you needed.

Segment Sponge Replacement Video

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your support as always!


我們收到了一些GRANBOARD3s用戶的回饋關於“即使射中Outer-Bull, Double 或 Triple,可能會沒有反應或是會被判斷成是Out”。對於給用戶帶來的不便,我們深表歉意。
GRAN DARTS已準備了“GRANBOARD3s 靶塊海綿包“來改善這些問題。

[GRANBOARD3s 靶塊海綿包的內容]
・Outer-Bull 靶塊x 1個
・Bull用海綿x 1個
・Double用海綿x 20個
・Triple用海綿x 20個

收到GRANBOARD3s 靶塊海綿包後,請更換Out-Bull 靶塊及海綿。
GRANBOARD3s 靶塊海綿包影片
June 03, 2020 — fukushimatakao