"HYPER BULL" Feel the excitement!

"Game Rules”

The goal of the game is to earn as much ponts as possible (maximum 2400 points) by throwing darts at the expanded bullseye areas.It is an enjoyable practice game regardless of your skills.Everyone, feel the excitement of the HAT TRICK!

How to Play Hyper Bull darts game. GranBoard

"Set a goal and challenge yourself!"

A different score will be applied to certen areas on this game mode: All segments within the triple ring = 50 points (triples aren't included) Outer bullseye = 75 points Inner bullseye = 100 points All other outer segments including triples will score the same as normal.The key to getting the highest score possible is by aiming at the Inner bullseye.Let's set a goal scores: 1400 points for beginner players , and 1800 points for advanced players!

How to Play Hyper Bull darts game. GranBoard

"Multiple player match is hyper fun on HYPER BULL !"

The score gap between inner bull and inner segments is 50 points! It makes a huge change to your final score depending on how you do in every single round. Even though the rules are quite simple, you will experience a thrill playing with and against your homies!

How to Play Hyper Bull darts game. GranBoard

Januar 14, 2021 — 谷秀二