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GRANBOARD Ver.7.5アップデートのお知らせ!
Ver.7.5では新ゲーム「DELTA SHOOT」が追加!GAME SELECTのPRACTICEからプレイできます!


・「GRANBOARD132 」の各種対応
 - 132用のプレイヤーカード自動作成、切替機能
 - 132専用のプレイデータ管理機能
 - オンラインロビーに132表示、その他
※GRANBOARD 132については数日中に正式にアナウンス致します。

・QRエントリー、GRAN IDエントリーしたゲストプレイヤーの登録が記憶される仕様に変更



GRANBOARD Ver.7.5 update!
A new game "DELTA SHOOT" has been added in Ver.7.5! You can play from PRACTICE of GAME SELECT!

[New game]

[Function addition]
・ Compatible to "GRANBOARD 132" of 13.2 inch size board
-Added a function creating Player Card automatically for GRANBOARD132
-Added a function managing GRANBOARD132 Play Data
-Display a "132" icon on the online lobby
-Added a function switching the Card on the board size connected automatically
* GRAN BOARD 132 will be officially announced within a few days.

・ Changed to a specification that remembers the registration of guest players who entered QR entry and GRAN ID.
* Please note that it will be forcibly deleted if you perform an operation such as logging out of your account.

・ Family Player function is abanded
Due to guest player memory, the family player function has been abolished.
After this update, if the Family Player would like to store the Play Data, it is necessary to register a new account with the GranCard App. When playing together, please use the QR code scanning function to enter as a Guest Player from the GranCard App.

・ Added an unproper behavior player report button in the option of Online Matches.

・ Added GRANBOARD serial number authentication function
After this update, the new user will need to register

・ Fixed other minor bugs
November 09, 2020 — 谷秀二